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The Alcohollys

The Alcohollys

ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, MAYHEM & MOUSTACHE RIDES!! Straight outta the depths of London Ontario’s seedy watering holes comes The Alcohollys. Born in 2009 by four mothers of all walks of musical life, they’re the shiny new concoction currently gracing Southern…

Necrosaurus Rex

Necrosaurus Rex is a four piece Melodic Metal band from London, Ontario. Being extinct for centuries, Necrosaurus Rex was resurrected in 2013 blending melodic riffs, heavy breakdowns and video game inspired lyrics. FACEBOOK | BANDCAMP | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | EMAIL  


SHORT. FAST. FED-UP! From the scummy depths of London, Ontario, Specks is bringing back the old-school sounds of hardcore punk. LONDONFUSE BUCKETLIST FACEBOOK | BANDCAMP | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | TWITTER | EMAIL


YOU HAVE UNLOCKED THE ULTIMATE LEVEL OF BRI LUE-KIM. SHE ACTUALLY IS IN THIS CASTLE!! MUSICIAN FOR HIRE I am always in search of new and different kinds projects to be a part of. Wheather it is for guitar or bass or…

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